This feels necessary. I mean, it is my web space after all. I’m paying for the domain name, and the piece of land on the internet to host it all on. If you’re here, you should at least know who I am.

These self descriptive biographies are never simple enough, or easy to accomplish. If you’ve ever tried crafting up your own online dating profile, I know you understand the struggle I’m speaking of. What does my audience really want to know? What would they really care to understand about me? Should I just list some personal stats about myself, like that I’m 24 years old, and was born on the 13th of August, or share my interest and passions? Let’s get real, I’m just going to start rambling on from here, because this is my very first blog post.

Well, we’re off to a bad start already, because that was a lie. I’ve blogged before, or at least have attempted to blog. It went alright, but I would eventually hate the look of my webpage, and want to do more with it, or make it simpler. Well, I do believe I may have finally found that middle ground(fingers crossed). I simplified it enough to the point where I can almost log in, and type and publicize whatever I would like to write. As of before, I would have to tweak a couple of things here and there before actually allowing it to be displayed publicly to ensure it didn’t look weird, or ugly. I know, personal preference.

Now I know the point of a blog is to open up and share. Well, I’ll definitely put myself out there, and make sure my points get across in full swing. But what would they be about? I’m a passionate hockey fan, a hardcore PC gamer, a nerdy tech enthusiast, and a big guy just trying to shed a few pounds. So some times you may be following me on some stranger journeys outside your comfort zone, and then maybe you’ll just see a picture of my dog Charlie.