BeatsX Marks the Spot

For the longest time, I have been scavenging store shelves and online inventories for the perfect bluetooth headset for me. I’m picky when it comes to a device popping into my ears. I’ve had the most luck with Jabra’s Rox a year ago, but couldn’t handle losing the ear wing tips. The feature of magnetically connecting while hanging around your neck to make it into a necklace, was such a phenomenal feature for me. But the length wasn’t long enough, it almost felt like I was wearing a women’s necklace of a hipster’s necklace. Either way, it wasn’t for me. … Continue ≫

Hello World!

This feels necessary. I mean, it is my web space after all. I’m paying for the domain name, and the piece of land on the internet to host it all on. If you’re here, you should at least know who I am. These self descriptive biographies are never simple enough, or easy to accomplish. If you’ve ever tried crafting up your own online dating profile, I know you understand the struggle I’m speaking of. What does my audience really want to know? What would they really care to understand about me? Should I just list some personal stats about myself, … Continue ≫