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About me and whatnot. Welcome to my creative cloud, you’ll find some of my work I’m most proud of on this website. I dabble in a bit of everything, from creative designs to ambitious projects. Whether I am working on a website, photography shoot, animation, or video production – every project is given much thought and attention to detail. My passion in art started as far back as being a youngster in elementary school, doodling my heart away around my school work. My tech enthusiasm sprung later in middle school, when I got my very first personal computer. The passion and enthusiasm have been meshing together ever since I got my first copy of Photoshop. Friends and family would ask me to Photoshop various pieces ranging from funny ideas to school projects. One day, I stumbled upon a website that allowed users to create their own mini web page using images and web coding to design the looks. That’s when I really fell in love with digital art, and have been developing my skills ever since.

    Spuds Club

    Originally the Spuds Club project jumpstarted as an online identify tag for any group that I created, because of my username typically being YoPotato. However, Spuds Club began to take on a bit of a mixed existence. On one end, it was a online gaming group that my friends were a huge part of building together. Then in the other hand, Spuds Club really taking shape as a podcast idea for storytelling.

    It wasn’t easy in the beginning, trying to juggle what goes where.

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    Quite simply a username, YoPotato has stormed gaming arenas to compete and entertain the masses. From competitive gaming, to entertaining content creator – YoPotato is the persona I take on for these adventures. While not as dialed up to 11 as some other wildly popular videogame streamers, YoPotato is essentially a brand name for my gaming endeavors.

    artwork coming soon

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