For the longest time, I have been scavenging store shelves and online inventories for the perfect bluetooth headset for me. I’m picky when it comes to a device popping into my ears. I’ve had the most luck with Jabra’s Rox a year ago, but couldn’t handle losing the ear wing tips. The feature of magnetically connecting while hanging around your neck to make it into a necklace, was such a phenomenal feature for me. But the length wasn’t long enough, it almost felt like I was wearing a women’s necklace of a hipster’s necklace. Either way, it wasn’t for me.

For a few months now, I have been plotting on the idea of picking up the Apple Airpods when they finally become available. I idea of how convenient they are, and charging case were selling me instantly. But, how do these work at the gym? Sure, at work they would be amazing. But for a work out? I doubt it. Here comes the BeatsX.

These bad boys have been flying under the radar of the Apple Airpods, but in reality I can’t help but feel they are the better deal. Sure, if you are a tech head and will only use the bluetooth listening devices in the office, the Airpods are definitely exciting. But for all around use, how can you not favor the BeatsX? They look good, feel great, fit just about everyone, and offer decent sound. Oh, and the battery life! I had mine charged to almost 100%, and after about 5 hours of straight use while at work, they were still over 50% battery remaining. The juice is there to last about 10 hours, which I’m sure is more than enough for the average consumer. And they can be charged using the lightning adapter? Say no more, I’m sold.

If I had to pick a gripe with the BeatsX, it would have to be the price and the carrying pouch. Price is pretty self explanatory, I feel it should be closing to the $100 mark. The carrying case is a lint magnet, oh dear lord. But this is an easy fix, buying a new carrying case! So for $150, am I satisfied with the BeatsX offerings so far? Absolutely. Although I may feel the product should be listed closer to the $100 mark, while compared to it’s competitors like the offering from JayBird with their X3’s, I cannot understand how the BeatsX aren’t favorable. While I understand looks may be preference, I feel the BeatsX looks modern enough to blend in at every setting imaginable. And once again, it’s charged super conveniently by the lightning adapter. Did I mention it gives you 2 hours of playback after just 5 minutes of charging? Picture this, you’re heading to the gym. You have your BeatsX, but they’re dead! No problem, plug them in on your ride to the gym(if you don’t have a car adapter for your iPhone, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life). By the time you get to the gym, they’re ready to go(unless you spend more than 2 hours at the gym, you freak)! One last thing to note for any negative flack this bluetooth headset should deserve, they are not rated as sweat-proof. So technically, they are not suggested for gym use. However, I jogged with these, in the rain today. I don’t think it’s a big issue, unless I’ve got luck on my side thus far.

It’s comfortable, it’s convenient, it’s fashionable, it’s sound isolating, and it sounds pretty darn good. Now keep in mind, I’m just an average Joe when it comes to sound(sorry to disappoint you audiophiles out there). I’ll be sticking with the BeatsX more happily than I did with the Jabra Rox.