There’s always a bit of back and forth among people when discussing the use of essential oils with a diffuser. Some folks swear by it, while others are quite skeptical. And meanwhile, I fall somewhere in the middle. While I do appreciate the scent that can be produced by a diffuser, does it actually produce healthy benefits? Some people will argue that a diffuser can help someone sleep more relaxed, ease headaches and improve cognitive function, assist with breathing better, and even prevent illnesses such as allergies and the flu. Now while I can attest to some of these claims personally, I believe results may vary depending on the user.

I recently got sick, and believe I had a cold passed onto me by a coworker in our office. “Why me?” It happens, but I was determined to beat this thing as quick as possible. Every year I am plagued around Thanksgiving by some annoying illness, and I wanted this year to be the year I had it under control. I had purchased an essential oils diffuser from Amazon about six months ago, and it has been sitting on my dressed collecting dust for the previous five months. I was pretty entertained by the diffuser for the first month, but once the candle lighting flicker feature had suddenly stopped working, I wasn’t using it as much, if at all after the initial month. I felt much better the next morning after running the diffuser over night using a recipe from an essential oils package I had also purchased from Amazon. Three drops each of peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass seemed to have done the trick. I was able to breathe through my nose, what a difference. Now was this the diffusers that had remedied my clogged nose, or it was just about that time? While I can’t scientifically back anything up here, I will admit I believe there may be some truth to those claims about warding off illnesses. Or at least providing a cleaner air environment.

Now the oils you choose, and the diffuser you pick may produce different outcomes. I don’t believe I’m someone who can truly give a knowledgeable review of an essential oils diffuser, being this is my first rodeo. This is my first take into this world of essential oils, and aromatherapy. Just to dive a bit deep into the trend, I have also purchased a natural Himalayan salt lamp. While I do not think the salt lamp actually does much, other than function as a lamp, that too is said by some strangers to provide your environment with cleaner air. And no, this has not been scientifically proven either, or at least to my knowledge it hasn’t been proven or dis-proven.

For those curious, the links I had provided in this write up, are the products I have in fact purchased from Amazon as I had mentioned. While I do enjoy the products I have mentioned, I do encourage everyone to do their own research and make a purchased based around your own findings as everyone has different needs when it comes to a diffuser. While I plan to get more involved in this trend of healthier living, I do not plan on buying a bunch of products to review. This was just more or less an update in my life, and giving my two cents on these sort of items.