Apple iPhones Triumph Over Android Smartphones

HTC Nexus OneI’m going to share a brief history with you, of my Android and iPhone experiences. From the original HTC Google Nexus smartphone, up until the release of the Motorola Google Nexus 6, I was an avid Android users. I would snicker at iPhone users, and belittle their understanding of how they were a sheep in a flock of inferior smartphone users. Yeah, I was one of those guys. Then I tried it. I tried the Apple iPhone 6, and it just felt so right. The Nexus 6 was just plain too big. And maybe one day I’ll finally be ready for a phone of that size, but that day isn’t today. The older I get, I feel the less I’m using my smartphone. The less dependent I’m becoming on the idea of tweaking the device, compared to how dependent I’m becoming on it’s accuracy of use. But T-Mobile had a deal for the new Samsung Galaxy S7, buy one and you get another free. Perfect, I needed a new phone at the time, and my mom was trying for a new phone as well. The timing was there. The size of the phone seemed perfect, and Android should have came a long way by now. Well…

Possible iPhone 7 Black RenderI don’t miss the custom options, or chapters of settings Android would offer. In fact I kind of dreaded it, and missed iOS’s simplicity. But whatever, I was glued to my new shiny Galaxy S7 for a couple of weeks, trying to make it perfect. I’d also like to mention, the phone felt like an advertisement in my hand most of the time. Apps I don’t like being preinstalled, the ugly Samsung branding on the front and back. Just isn’t my thing. There were some nice things though, like the always on display, and the battery life didn’t seem as bad as I thought it would be. But it definitely felt buggy at times, and even more so inconsistent. I know I’m about to jump ahead here, and jump back; but I’m currently running an iPhone 6 with iOS 10 Beta 1, and that even felt more stable than Android on my Galaxy S7. And while the camera on the S7 did feel like it took better pictures, that is another area of inconsistency. Quality was there, but the load times differed from a snap of a finger, to the ol’ force close the app and reopen it to see what happens. Oh, I couldn’t even root the damn thing. So even if I wanted to correct Samsung’s slop, I couldn’t. But thank you T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere for trying.

So let’s fast forward a couple of weeks here. I took my mom’s old iPhone 6, slapped iOS 10 Beta 1 on it just for fun, and wow I’m already having a better experience. If I could pick out one gripe with iPhones, it would have to be lack of wireless charging support. But that’s literally it, nothing else. Sure I would love an always on display feature for my iPhone, but I don’t need it, or want it as badly as I’d want wireless charging. So Apple, if you’re reading this, you know what to do. Do it.